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Pandemonium's Educational Resource Packs for Classroom Teachers

Pandemonium is proud to present two educational resources for school teachers for use in the primary, intermediate or secondary school classroom, written by experienced Christchurch percussion teacher and Pandemonium member Roanna Cooper. Each resource features comprehensive information, relevant and exciting suggested activities, and a high-quality DVD featuring live Pandemonium performances.


This resource is an introduction to percussion music, instruments and styles from around the world. It is suited to school years 7-10. It can be used exactly as written requiring no specialist music knowledge on the part of the teacher, or extended for advanced students.

The materials and tasks in the resource, and accompanying DVD, will take students on a guided tour of world percussion styles. Recorded live in concert with enthusiastic audience participation, the DVD is used as a live representation of the music, instruments and cultures learned about in the tasks within the resource.  

The development of this resource pack was encouraged by local school teachers who wanted an exciting and inspiring topic in which to introduce their students to music that was relevant to their age and interests.

COST: $75 (includes postage)

OPTIONAL EXTRA: resource + set of A3 laminated posters - $95

To order or enquire further, please email Roanna at

Secondary School SMELLIN' OF STOMP 
NCEA Resource Pack

Pandemonium's Smellin’ of Stomp resource was developed for use with Year 11, though can be adapted for use at other levels. The piece 'Smellin' of Stomp' is a Pandemonium original that incorporates influences from all over the world and has evolved considerably since its first performance (as documented on the accompalying DVD), and the suggested tasks and study suggestions make it a very suitable piece to base internal assessment of Music 1.6 upon. 
The accompanying high quality DVD also contains a selection of Television feature articles, as well as footage of Pandemonium performing other pieces of music.

"Pandemonium have produced a quality assured product that is pitched at Year 11, though the activities and assessment activities could be easily adapted for other levels. The materials are stimulating and can be picked up and used as is. Presentation is superb. And the music ..... it goes without saying ...... is rhythmically and visually engaging. Teenagers just love it."
- Chris Archer - Adviser in Secondary Music / National Facilitator for Secondary Music

COST: $75 (includes postage)

To order or enquire further, please email Roanna at