In 1892, Fred and Joshua Painter formed the Christchurch Professional Bicycle Band, one of the first of its type in the world. In 2009, Brett Painter (great grandson of Joshua Painter) from Pandemonium Charitable Trust set about re-forming this iconic Christchurch group.
With support from the Christchurch City Council (CCC) Events Team, Welding Maintenance Co. and the Eureka Trust, and bicycle building from  band leader Shane Price, the new bicycle band debuted at the 2010 Ellerslie International Flower Show and on the TV show What Now.
Since this time, the band has signed a sponsorship deal with, the CCC events website, and is now known as the BeThere Bicycle Band. The group performs music from the first half of the 1900s (Dixieland, war time music and marches) in replica costumes and on custom made replica bicycles.  The current band size is 7 brass players, two percussionists and Shane Price, on his Penny Farthing. One of the main changes from the original band was to put the bass drum and snare drum players together on a tandem bicycle, rather than having a dedicated rider on the front of the tandem bicycle for the snare drum player.  The combined physical and musical demands have proven to be quite a challenge for the percussion section!

For further information and performance enquiries, please contact Brett Painter: or phone 027-2646-018
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